Resources for the study
of the Taino in general

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Taino Resources List
Distributed at the Taino Exhibition in El Museo del Barrio in New York City, 28 September 1997. A list of Taino organizations, groups and individuals in the United States and the Caribbean that provide educational activities for the general public. Full contact information.
Books on Tainos and Related Topics
From Rev. Sylvia Inaruki Collazo,
Director of the Public Relations Office of Taino Tribal Affairs, 15 July 2000. A list of books on the Tainos.
New Directions in Taino Research
Conference and Exhibition, 14 August 2002. The Taínos of the Greater Antilles. Conference and exhibition will highlight some of the newest discoveries and indicate new directions to be explored. It coference will summarize the state of Taíno-related archaeological projects in the Caribbean and the contributions of these investigations to our understanding and evaluation of the Taíno inheritance (in Spanish with English translation)