The culture history of
Boriken (Native Puerto Rico)

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La Cultura de Puerto Rico
Por Maria Teresa Babin, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 1973. Al buscar las raIces de nuestra cultura nativa es imprescindible reconocer el hecho de la existencia del indio borincano y del sedimento que lego' a la estructura del pueblo puertorriqueño.
Information on Jatibonicu Region Aibonito, Puerto Rico
By Hilario De Leon, The Associated Press, El Nuevo Dia, 20 November 1997. Archaeological investigation of a cemetary (in Spanish).
The Taino Culture of Puerto Rico
25 May 1999. The Taino Culture began about 2,500 years ago. The Taino developed a specialized relationship with the island. Destruction of the island's forests by coffee orchards and other developments will be limited, and the archeological remnants of the lost Taino Culture will be preserved in these beautiful highlands.
Tainos recover identity
By Iván Román, Orlando Sentinel, 15 October 2000. There has been a small but growing, decades-long fight to get people to recognize that Tainos are still here, not wiped out during the first century of Spanish conquest as portrayed in school textbooks. In Puerto Rico, besides the rise in educational and cultural-preservation groups, some people have organized their tribes to claim a distinct identity and space.
The Legend of Guanina
7 December 2001. One of the first legends retold in Puerto Rico is that of Guanina. Once the Taino Indians had proven that the Spaniards were not immortal through the death of Diego Salcedo, they rebelled. The legend of Guanina tells of that rebellion.