The history of Native Guyana

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National Report on Indigenous Peoples and development
United Nations Development Programme, Country Office: Guyana. Mr. Jorg Vereecke, UNDP - Associate Expert on Indigenous People, December 1994. Indicators and profile of the Native Americans of Guyana. Living conditions in the nine regions of Guyana. With the declining economical situation during the lost decade, Guyana could no longer upheld its services for its aboriginal population. The set of ethical factors found in the Earth Charter, ILO-convention. Partnerships. Bibliography.
Coal Mining: Urgent Action Alert
From the Forest Peoples Programme, Urgent Action Alert, 12 November 1997. The Amerindian Peoples Association and the leaders of the Macusi, Wapisiana and Wai Wai communities of Southern Guyana are requesting international support to stop the granting of two large mining concessions to Canadian company, Vannessa Ventures Ltd.
Indigenous Peoples and Maroons in French Guiana Demand Land Rights in Proposed National Park
From the Forest Peoples Programme, 7 September 1998. At a meeting held in the Wayana village of Twenke in French Guiana, Indigenous peoples and Maroons met to discuss, among others, the recognition of their rights in connection with the proposed establishment of a National Park. The resolutions of the meeting issued by the Federation of Amerindian Organisations of French Guiana (FOAG) are here reproduced.
Amerindians March For Land
By Bert Wilkinson, IPS, 30 August 1999. 10,000 Amerindians—about a fifth of their number—from all of the country's nine tribes will embark on a 1,000-kilometre march from Guyana's southernmost tip to Georgetown in a show of disgust at the way authorities have been dealing with the distribution of land to them.
APA wants equal, full participation in Amerindian Act review
The Guyana Chronicle, 20 January 2002. The Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) is calling for qual and full participation in the review of the Amerindian Act. The APA made this call during its Sixth General Assembly held at Mainstay/Whyaka, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam), where more than 93 representatives from all over the country participated.