The retrospective history of
Native Americans in Canada as a whole

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The Mohawk Defense Of Kanasetake (aka Oka, Quebec, Canada)
From the Lubicon News Station, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, (n.d.). Appended is an editorial from The Edmonton Journal, 6 May 1991. The stand-off at Oka, March-September 1990, was a decisive turning point. The problem started when the courts allowed a the development of a golf course one of the last small parcels of sacred grounds, including a Mohawk meeting place and a centuries old cemetary. A small band of angry natives successfully held off the army.
The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada
The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, 20 August 2001. The report contains the tesimonies of nearly 200 aboriginal eyewitnesses to murder, torture, sterilizations and other crimes against humanity committed at church-run residential schools and hospitals across Canada. The genocide of aboriginal peoples in Canada continues today.