The history of Native Panama

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The comarca and Cerro Colorado in Ngobe eyes. Cacique M. Bejarano interviewed by Gonzalo Menéndez
From PMA news, 10 November 1996. Some 300 Ngobe and Bugle protesters arrived in the capital to press their demands for an autonomous Ngobe-Bugle comarca and the cancellation of Panacobre, SA's concession to mine copper at Cerro Colorado.
Protesters hold out for bigger comarca
From Panama News, 3 December 1996. The Cabinet Council proposal to create an autonomous Ngobe-Bugle comarca on 694,400 hectares in Veraguas, Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro provinces. The plan next goes to the Legislative Assembly for possible modification. Ngobe and Bugle protesters who marched to the capital in October and November vow to continue their vigil outside government offices, and a hunger strike by five on November 26 continues.
Bacorizo freed: Land claims dispute continues
By Eric Jackson, Panama News, 9 March 1999. Arcenio Bacorizo, the Embera cacique of the Darien community of Arimae and former general cacique for all Embera and Wounaan communities outside of the comarca, has been released after three years behind bars. While absolved of murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the 1995 stabbing of a Colombian drug dealer, he remained in jail after being accused of inspiring the 1993 burning of a bohio that colonos built on land which Arimae claims as its own.