The contemporary political history of
Native Americans in the Arctic
and Sub-arctic

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Court weighs Alaksa, Indian dispute
By Richard Carelli, AP, 10 December 1997. Nearly 2 million acres of land owned by a village of Alaska natives is not Indian country where tribes have broad regulatory and taxing powers, a lawyer for Alaska told the Supreme Court. But a lawyer for the Village of Venetie, an Athabascan Indian tribe of some 350 people who live in Venetie and Arctic Village, argued that such a court finding would not be fair or honorable.
The vision for the We the People—Standing our Ground march
From the South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC), 9 May 1998. The principle that the right to forever live the Native way of life, to govern ourselves, to determine our own destiny, and to maintain our cultural existence, are fundamental human rights. The march will enlist the support of all people of good will in turning back a tide that threatens to cripple Native cultures, Native traditions, and the fundamental right of Native peoples to exist.
Native Americans speak against ANWR plans
By Alex Carrera, UPI, 12 February 2002. A coalition of native-American groups is lobbying the Senate to ban oil drilling on the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve, saying it threatens the way of life of local residents.