The contemporary political history
of the Inuit and the Innu Nation

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Davis Inlet chief jailed: Urgent support needed
From Chief Katie Rich and Larry Innes, 21 April 1995. Once again, Innu people have been jailed for standing up for their rights. Katie Rich and Nympha Byrne from Utshimassit (Davis Inlet) are now in custody. They are charged with contempt of court for evicting a provincial court judge from their community in December, 1993.
Letter from Innu People to Queen Elizabeth II
30 June 1997. The Innu of Nitassinan (Labrador and Quebec) petition the Queen for recovery of their land in ownership rather than just Usufruct.
Innu block Bouchard and Tobin from signing
Canadian Alliance in Solidarity With Native Peoples, 9 March 1998. The determined Innu Nation stopped Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard and Newfoundland Premier Brian Tobin from signing an agreement to develop the Lower Churchill River, which is Innu traditional territory. A crowd of Innu people blocked the vehicle from taking the two premiers to the place where the signing was to take place at Churchill Falls.
Evicted by the US military, the Inuit prepare to fight Star Wars
By Steve Boggan, on MV Arctic Sunrise, Qaanaaq, Greenland, 7 August 2001. Thule Greenland is key to George Bush's ballistic missile defence, aka Son of Star Wars. This base and, more importantly, a tiny 650-strong Inuit community of hunters at Qaanaaq, the northernmost municipality on the planet, evicted to make way for it, are about to become a major U.S. foreign policy issue.