The Voisey's Bay Confrontation
in Northern Laborador

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Defend Eimish!
By Tshenish Pasteen, Innu elder, 2 March 1995. A 12-day standoff between Innu and over 50 RCMP officers ensued at the remote location. An attempt by the Labrador Inuit Association, which also has rights in the Eimish area, and the Innu Nation to negotiate with the two companies ended abruptly when the company made it clear that it would not recognize aboriginal rights and resumed exploration activity.
Who owns Voisey's Bay?
By David Playfair, in the People's Voice, March 1995.
Voisey Bay Update 07/07/95
From Larry Innes, Environmental Advisor, Innu Nation, 5 July 1995. A brief account of mineral exploration and development activities at Eimish (Voisey Bay), and of some of the major concerns that the Innu have with this development. Current events; history; economic significance; related mineral eploration activities; environmental impact.
Newfoundland Withdraws Voisey's Bay from Land Rights Negotiations
By Larry Innes, Environmental Advisor, Innu Nation, 29 January, 1997. Innuit land claims around Voisey's Bay, northern Labrador, because area likely to become the world's largest nickel mine.
Innu and Inuit win a victory against nickel mine
Innu Nation press release, IPS, 8 September 1997. An August court ruling in favor of the Innu and Inuit of Labrador, Canada, in their fight against the Voisey's Bay nickel mine has sparked hopes of similar success among other indigenous groups in North America. The Newfoundland Court of Appeal ordered the Voisey's Bay Company to halt all construction pending the outcome of an appeal against work at the mine proceeding until an environmental study is complete.