he contemporary political history of
Native North America as whole

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A Song for the People
By Art Solomon, 23 October 1997. Grandmother your children are crying; Grandfather your children are dying; The hands of greed; And the hands of lust for power; Have been laid on them; And all around is death and desolation.
Indigenous Canadians Join Forces with US Indians
By Mark Bourrie, IPS, 13 April 1999. Indigenous leaders in Canada have forged a political link with their counterparts in the United States in the wake of a UN report that listed Canada's treatment of aboriginals as the country's most pressing human rights issue.
Native Warrors to hold international demonstration
Workers World News Service, 14 October 1999. The North American Native Warriors Association will be holding an international demonstration in support of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and all political prisoners, and to protest the honoring of Columbus. The protest starts in Buffalo and will then cross the Peace Bridge for another rally in Fort Erie, Canada.
Legitimate tribes and tribal reality
By Roy McClellan, 10 June 2000. Our Native American Indian ancestors and people are being disrespected by some people who claim to be of Native American Indian tribes, when in truth these people are not even remotely related as descendants of the original tribes. You find these new agers coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches to fool people into joining some tribe that simply does not exist.