The economic history of
Native North America as a whole

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To Comfort The Disturbed, and to Disturb the Comfortable: Onward children of the sun
By Cesar A. Cruz, 1997. A poem. Daddy, why is Mommy hangin' from a tree? the torture chambers of our minds, collide, hide, disguise, the plight, of freedom, of might. . .
Canada and US to hold tricky NAFTA First Nations Summit in Calgary
MNN Mohawk Nation News, 5 September 1998. The Canadian government is putting on the First Nations NAFTA International Summit & Trade Show at the Calgary Convention Centre on 17- 19 October 1998. Their prime concerns are trade relations, creation of an Indigenous trade group, overcoming possible barriers and opposition, making treaties and laws.
Native Americans Denounce Toxic Legacy
By Danielle Knight, IPS, 14 June 1999. Native Americans in the US and Canada have inherited a grim legacy of increased rates of cancer and a ruined environment because of uranium mining on tribal homelands. Indigenous communities met on the Laguna Indian Rservation for the 10th annual conference of the Indigenous Environment Network against the backdrop of increased mining activities for uranium used for nuclear reactors and weapons.