The contemporary political history of
Native Americans in Amazonia

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Brazilian gold rush spilling over
Press Release by the Guyana Human Right Association, 20 February 1997. Manoeuvres in the Raposo/Serra do Sol region of Roraima State across the border in Brazil are likely to stimulate another wave of Brazilian miners into the Pakaraima mountains. Exclusion of five gold mining settlements in Raposo/Serra do Sol from final demarcation of Amerindian lands has turned these settlements into magnets for itinerant miners from other parts of Brazil.
Rainforest Indians suits against Texaco reinstated
By Gail Appleson, Reuters, 8 October 1998. A US federal appeals court has reinstated lawsuits filed by rainforest Indians of Ecuador and Peru against Texaco Inc., accusing the giant oil company of widespread contamination of their water and land. Ecuador's move to participate in the cases marked the first time a foreign government tried to sue a U.S. oil company in an American court over alleged environmental destruction in its homeland,
Indigenous Groups Unite in Struggle Against Oil Exploration
By Danielle Knight, IPS, 16 July 1999. Indigenous communities in remote areas of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia and Ecuador are reaching across the border to share experiences in their ongoing struggle against US oil exploration companies.
Amazon Indians lose appeal of Texaco case ruling
By Gail Appleson, Reuters, 21 August 2002. Rainforest Indians of Ecuador and Peru have lost an appeal aimed at reinstating nine-year-old litigation against Texaco, alleging that toxic dumping devastated their environment and exposed residents to cancer-causing pollutants.