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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 98 17:43:36 CDT
From: SEJUP <sejup@alternex.com.br>
Subject: News from Brasil No. 313
Article: 39318
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Message-ID: <bulk.19329.19980718181653@chumbly.math.missouri.edu>

Karaja Indians are exploited by alcohol

Institute Centro de Vida, 16 July 1998

The Karaja Indians are being exploited by alcoholic drink, on the island of Bananal. The Island is located in the state of Tocantines near Sao Felix do Araguaia. The Indians are being assaulted by countermand activists of the region who contract the Indians to capture fish, turtles etc., in exchange for drink. A large percentage of the Indians are addicted to alcohol.

This exchange of drink for animal skins is putting the Indians in a position of slavery and exploitation. For example the pirara fish weighs about 200 kilos and can take up to 30 hours to be captured is exchanged for a bottle of pinga which cost two reais. The Karaja Indians have a total of 1725 people.