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Subject: CAPOIB takes a stand (Brazil)
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CAPOIB takes a stand against changes in Demarcation Decree

Cimi Newsletter No. 161, 2 June 1995

The Council for the articulation of Indian Peoples and organizations of Brazil (CAPOIB) delivered a document to President Fernando Henrique Cardoso yesterday claiming that the Brazilian government should not promote any amendments to decree 22/91, which provides for the procedures to be adopted in the demarcation of Indian lands. The document was given to the president together with a list of claims of rural social movements articulated under the Grito Terra Brazil (Shout for the Brazilian Land), a movement which held its second annual meeting last month. The following entities are promoting the Shout: Single Workers Association (CUT), Confederation of Agricultural Workers (Contag), Landless Movement (MST), Movement of individuals affected by Dams (MAB), National Council of Rubber-Gatherers, National Fishermen Movement (MONAPE), Organization of Female Rural Workers and Capoib.

In Capoib's document, the entity says that the proposal for amending decree 22/91 contemplating the review of demarcated lands and the participation of private individuals and corporations in the administrative procedure for the demarcation of Indian lands will cause serious consequences to Indian peoples. According to Capoib, it only strengthens the interests of those who systematically oppose the rights of Indian peoples to lands traditionally occupied by them, including military sectors, in relation to Indian lands located close to the border. In Capoib's opinion, all acts aimed at the possession, domain and occupation of Indian lands are null under the Federal Constitution. The entity declared that there is no acquired right against the Constitution and, therefore, there is no right being violated.

The entity warns that the amendments to decree 22/91 will delay even more the demarcation of Indian lands, making room for new conflicts and stimulating acts of violence against the affected communities. In conclusion, it asks the federal administration to act firmly and with determination to ensure our rights, resuming, at last, the demarcation of our lands.

Considering the seriousness of the facts that can happen, we are asking you to send a note to President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and to the Minister of Justice, Nelson Jobim, in support of the Brazilian Indian movement and against the proposed amendments to Decree 22/91.