The contemporary political history of South America as a whole

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Las mujeres Ecuatorianas y Peruanas ante les organismos internacionale
ALAI: Agencia LatinAmericana de Informacion, 3 February 1995. Women's organizations seek peace.
Ecuador-Peru: The Fujimori trap
By Osvaldo Leon, Latin American Information Agency, 12 March 1995. More than a month after the start of the military confrontation continues between Peru and Ecuador in the northern part of their undemarcated border strip despite the fact that both countries subscribed on February 17 to the Itamaraty Peace Agreement.
Leftist coalitions gather strength
By Daniel Gatti, InterPress Service, 29 June 1998. Leftist political parties have a good chance of taking over the governments in three of the four member nations of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, within the next two years.