The economic history of South America as a whole

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Energy: Nationalism and Internationalism
NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 6 October 1995. European and US capital penetrates South America as investment in natural gas pipeline.
Landmark Accord on Law of the Sea
By Gustavo Gonzalez, IPS, 15 August 2000. The foreign ministers of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the four Latin American countries with South Pacific coastlines, pledged to protect migratory species of fish from indiscriminate deepwater fishing at high sea.
Ecuador asks Colombia to halt aerial coca fumigation
Reuters, 20 July 2001. Ecuador has asked Colombia to stop aerial crop spraying near the border the two nations share, fearing the chemical applied to eradicate coca in its war-torn nation could harm Ecuadoreans' health.
Venezuela and Brazil launch power project
By Adam Easton, BBC News, Monday 13 August 2001. The project, which is two years behind schedule, involves a 680 kilometre line which runs from Venezuela's remote southern state of Bolivar to Boa Vista in energy starved northern Brazil.