The contemporary political history of the Republic of Surinam

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Suriname Leader Faces Continuing Street Protests
A-Infos News Service, 28 May 28 1999. Thousands of anti-government protesters marched through the Surinamese capital Thursday as embattled President Jules Wijdenbosch faced mounting calls for his resignation amid a deepening economic crisis.
Opposition Leads in Suriname Vote
By Bert Wilkinson, Associated Press, Friday 26 May 2000. Voters rejected the ambitious development plans of President Jules Wijdenbosch and all but handed control of the National Assembly to the labor-backed opposition.
New Front Coalition Wins Elections
By Bert Wilkinson, IPS, 26 May 2000. The people of Suriname, never more worried about declining living standards, have voted in a new administration giving it all but one seat needed to run the country.