The contemporary political history of the Republic of Venezuela

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Growing Militarization in Venezuela
Weekly News Update on the Americas, #266, 5 March 1995. Venezuelan president Rafael Caldera has converted air traffic controllers by decree into state security officials without the right to strike.
AI delegation ends visit with disappointment and alarm
Amnesty International, 25 July 1996. Deteriorating human rights situation, including torture and rural police out of control, and government indifference.
Venezuela's Explosive Penitentiary Crisis
By Mark Ungar, NACLA Report on the Americas, Sept/Oct 1996. Inmates threw fire-bombs into cellblocks housing rival gangs. Unprecedented levels of prison mayhem—including killings, riots and mass breakouts—have shaken several Latin American countries in the past few years. Governments throughout Latin America have been busily shoving their undesirables behind prison walls.
The Politics of Privatization
By Steve Ellner, NACLA Report on the Americas, 30 April 1998. The debate over the privatization of the two-and-a-half-million-acre forest reserve near the Brazilian border has taken place not only among, but within the country's five major parties, and reflects major internal differences over the process of privatization in general.