The economic history of the Republic of Venezuela

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European Parliament adopts resolution to curb logging and mining in Amazonas
World Rainforest Movement press release, 25 October 1996. In recent weeks the Venezuelan President, Rafael Caldera, under heavy pressure from the mining lobby in Caracas and Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of the State of Amazonas, has indicated that he plans to revoke two decrees which presently ban logging and mining in the State.
Producers Seize Venezuelan Port
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 24 August 1997. Accusation that government's siding with IMF depresses employment and agricultural production.
Government Slams Credit-Rating Agencies
By Estrella Gutierrez, IPS, 23 September 1998. Venezuela's government has called for a Latin American rebellion against credit-rating agencies, which are thinking of downgrading the country's credit rating despite an unexpected appreciation of the local currency, the bolivar.