The economic history of the Rebublic of Colombia

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Search for black gold disturbs ancient gods
By Michael McCaughan, The Irish Times, 31 December 1997. Colombia's oil boom made her a self-sufficient exporter. The pressure to exploit new deposits resisted by U'wa because it would destroy the Amazon forest.
Colombian Anti-Union Attacks Threaten Power Privatisations
ICEM Update, 3 March 1998. Big restructuring and privatisation programs in the Colombian electricity industry could be at risk if the basic rights of the country's power workers are flouted.
Colombia wary of U.S.-backed herbicide
Reuters, 15 April 1998. Dangerous anti-drug herbicide could change Colombia into prairie land.
Power, money & control; Chiquita SECRETS Revealed
By Mike Gallagher and Cameron McWhirter, Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday 3 May 1998. Chiquita made business decisions in Latin America to cover up a bribery scheme involving company and subsidiary employees, helped foreign growers try to evade taxes, and ran into tax problems.
Occidental Petroleum vs. the U'wa indigenous people of Colombia
By Dr. Cesar M. Chelala, Earth Times News Service, 1 September 1998. Super-profits from one of hemisphere's largest oil fields would destroy U'we rights. Despite the social disruption, Occidental has the go-ahead.
Colombia's labor unions call for suspension of foreign debt payments
Agence France Presse, 24 August 1999. Colombia struggles to emerge from its worst recession in 70 years.