The social history of the Republic of Colombia

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Women in Colombia Continue Being Victims of Human Rights Violations and Abuses
Amnesty International, 27 September 1995.
Reign of Violence in Colombia
Interview by ICFTU OnLine with Ms. Belen Torres, president of the ANUC-UR (Asociacion Nacional de Usuarios Campesinos—Unidad Reconstruccion), 19 January 1998.
2.5 million children forced to work in Colombia
Hendrik Groth, Monday 13 April 1998. Coal mining companies export about 60 million tons each year at very low prices. and so in many mines children are employed instead of more expensive, well-trained workers.
Rebel-Paramilitary Clashes Spark New Exodus
By Yadira Ferrer, IPS, 28 August 1998. Confrontations between paramilitary and guerrilla groups disputing territory in conflict-torn northeastern Colombia caused nearly 1,000 rural people to flee the area.
The FARC and the Illicit Drug Trade
By Ricardo Vargas Meza, exerpts, June 1999. History of peasant colonization of the Amazon and coco plantations.