The retrospective history of the Federative Republic of Brazil

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Timeline: Brazil
BBC, Friday 11 May 2001. A brief general timeline of Brazil's political history.
Making fun of the Portuguese
BBC News, 19 April 2000. Brazilians are not hostile to their former colonial masters but they are often patronising because Brazilians are not very much into tradition. The Portuguese and Portugal tend to represent all that's old, all that's heavy, all that doesn't move.
Dictatorship Era Files Rankle Brazilians
By Michael Astor, Associated Press, 1 Feburary 2005. Before we had begun to hear of human rights, Washington welcomed and supported the Brazilian military's 1964 coup against the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart. Under Lula's government we are learning some of the secrets from those evil days.
A Para State rancher is convicted of plotting farmworker's 1991 murder
On 2 February 1991, Expedito Ribeiro de Souza, head of the Farmworkers Union, was killed leaving union headquarters. The same fate had befallen his predecessor, Joao Canuto and other union leaders. Nearly 10 years later a local rancher is convicted of ordering the killing.
Brazil peasant massacre stirs anger 5 years later
On April 17, 1996, police opened fire on thousands of peasant demonstrators. Five years after the biggest peasant massacre in modern Brazilian history, poor rural workers still face ingrained police violence and huge inequalities in land distribution.
Death of a secular saint: Herbert Betinho de Souza mourned by Brazil
By Dada Maheshananda, a PNA dispatch, 8 October 1997. The Brazilian people lost a great leader who mobilized millions to serve the needy and fight for justice. Sociologist Herbert de Souza, better known as Betinho, died on 9 August, 1997 at the age of 61. He founded non-government organizations and initiated mass movements that ignited the flame of selflessness and citizen empowerment.
Brazil's Helder Camara, champion of poor, dies at 90
By Beatriz Lecumberri, AFP, 28 August 1999. Roman Catholic priest Helder Camara, a champion of Brazil's poor and a pioneer of Latin America's liberation theology movement, died Friday in Recife, in northeastern Brazil.