The contemporary political history of Brazil under President Lula (October 1998–)

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Brazil Details Austerity Plan: Package of Tax Hikes, Spending Cuts Wins IMF Endorsement
By Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, 29 October 1998. The government discloses details of its three-year, $84 billion fiscal austerity package, winning praise from the International Monetary Fund and the Clinton administration. But the plan was criticized by some private economists, who said it is unrealistic.
Protests begin against IMF austerity measures
By Molly Charboneau, Workers World, 29 October 1998. Indians from several nations in Brazil demonstrated in the capital against a harsh government austerity plan that has been imposed by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for $30 billion in loans to the Brazilian government. Background to financial crisis.
Brazil ‘Bailout’ Means Austerity For Workers, Peasants
By Hilda Cuzco, The Militant, 7 December 1998. Weeks after his reelection as president of Brazil, Cardoso announced an agreement with the IMF for a $41.5 billion loan package. The condition was cuts to social programs, the social security system, and tax increases affecting millions of workers.