Social policies in Brazil

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The new proposal for gun control
SEJUP (Servišo Brasileiro de Justiša e Paz, News from Brazil, 11 June 1999. A series of articles about the controversial legislation now being proposed by the Cardoso government to ban the sale and possession of arms in Brazil. The Government want to control the possession of fire arms with the objective to counteract urban violence.
Sao Paulo: Prosperity, Poverty and Corruption
By Stephen Buckley, Washington Post, Tuesday 4 July 2000. Nearly half its people live without public services such as a sewage treatment system. It's bowed under $5.3 billion of debt. And some areas are shattered by homicide rates comparable to war zones.
Cardoso Declares War on Poverty
By Mario Osava, IPS, 29 July 2000. Cardoso announced a programme to fight poverty, which targets 2,091 municipalities and entails spending on education, health and the elimination of the worst forms of child labour.
Lula says the Drug War is a ‘Class War’
By Al Giordano, NarcoNews, 29 April 2003. President Lula da Silva notes that the violence and crime associated with drug trafficking under prohibition can't be blamed on the poor person, pushed into crime to earn his daily bread, but, that, rather, the real narcos can be found in the large centers of capital.