The history of working-class politics in Brazil

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Brazilian labor leader fights global oppression
By Jim Genova, People's Weekly World, 4 February 1995. Antonio Neto is president of the CGT (General Workers' Central), Brazil's second largest labor federation. He headed up the WFTU delegation to a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit for Social Development (WSSD) in Copenhagen. The results of the WSSD have a direct effect on the plight of millions of Brazilian workers.
Strategic perspectives for the Workers Party (PT)
By Joaquim Soriano, [15 March 1996]. A leader of Socialist Democracy tendency within the Brazilian Workers' Party (PT) here proposes strategic objectives for the party. The government led by Cardoso represents the re-articulation of a strategic bourgeois nucleus much more in line with the imperialist decision-making centres than the previous military dictatorship and indicates an unprecedented internationalisation of the ruling class.
General Strike In Brazil Calls For Jobs, Land, Higher Wages
By Hilda Cuzco, The Militant, 8 July 1996. The United Federation of Workers (CUT), Union force, and the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), organized a general strike on June 21 to protest the austerity policies of the government and demand jobs, higher wages, and land reform.
‘Open your eyes:’ Day of Protest in Brazil
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 27 July 1997. Thousands of workers marched in Brazil's state capitals on Rural Workers' Day, called by the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), the Workers Central (CUT) and the country's leftist parties, particularly the Workers Party (PT). The march protested the government's neoliberal policies and backed agrarian reform. It was supported by many unions.
Brazilian Unions Call Protest for December 5/6
ICFTU ONLINE..., 5 December 1997. Brazil's trade union centre, the CUT, (an ICFTU affiliate), has called a mass rally December 5-6 in Sao Paulo to protest against government neo-liberal policies introduced in mid-November.