The history of the dockworkers of Brazil

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Workers go back to the COSIPA berth: National strike suspended
18 April 1996. The workers at the Santos Port have gone back to their jobs at Cosipa's berth. A temporary agreement was reached with the company in order to discuss the working conditions as a whole. There will be a truce until April 30.
Santos unions—we accuse COSIPA
Statement by Sindicato dos Estivadores, Sindicato dos Conferentes de Carga e Descarga, Sindicato dos Consertadores de Carga e Descarga, [11 April 1997]. With the help of conservative newspapers, historically linked to the dismantling of Brazilian trade unionism, COSIPA bought big advertising space. The unions respond to the ads.
Volta Redonda 2?
Excerpt from Lloyd's List coverage 11 April 1997. The crisis is being widely seen as the crunch point in the long-running drive to privatise Brazil's waterfront, with President Cardoso under heavy pressure to authorise the use of troops. The situation is compared with similar events at Volta Redonda some years ago when workers occupied a steel mill.
Dockers at Brazil's Itajai threaten strike
Reuters, 10 February 1999. Dock workers at the Brazilian port of Itajai are threatening to strike in protest at changes to the system of selecting casual labourers. Under new port labour legislation, casual labourers will in future be hired through a national administration body, known as OGMO.