The history of the autoworkers of Brazil

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Auto workers march in Brazil
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 14 December 1997. Auto workers, march to protest the government's economic policies and to defend their jobs. The protest was called by the leftist Only Workers Central (CUT); it was held in San Bernardo, an industrial zone of the greater Sao Paulo area where most of the automotive factories are located.
Ford to Shut Down Brazilian Factory
Associated Press, 17 January 1999. Unable to operate its plant with nearly 3,000 dismissed workers inside, the Brazilian subsidiary of Ford Motor Co. will shut down its factory until February 1. The sit in is an effort to force the company to reconsider the dismissals, mostly of older workers.
Brazil workers claim early victory in Ford dispute
By Noriko Yamaguchi, Reuters, 3 February 1999. Workers at Ford Motor Co.'s key factory in Brazil claim an early victory in a labor dispute after a plant occupation and strike forced Ford to review a plan for mass layoffs.