Brazil's Afro-Brazilian Quilombo community

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Traditional Black Amazon Community Fights for Recognition of Land Rights
By Glen Switkes, 6 June 1995. The community of Boa Vista, Para, is a quilombo, comprised of descendants of escaped slaves who live along the Trombetas River in the northern Amazon region of Brazil. They now are close to achieving secure land rights against take-over by a multinational aluminum mining operation (Alcoa, Reynolds, Norsk Hydro).
Life quality of Brazilian negroes
SEJUP, News from Brazil, 5 June 1997. Brazil on a world scale ranks 62nd in quality of life. When the black population was only taken into consideration, Brazil ranked 120th. 35.2% of the blacks and 33.6% of pardos (mestizos) are unable to read and write, compared to 15% of the white population.
For Some Brazilian Slave Descendants, Home at Last
By Stephen Buckley, The Washington Post, Sunday 28 January 2001. Last year the Brazilian government issued a title of ownership to the quilombo community, ensuring that people who live in the Rio das Ras quilombo would never be forced illegally from this land. It is a promise that 2 million other impatient quilombo residents are waiting to see fulfilled.