The contemporary history of the Republic of Paraguay

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Ex-army chief arrested in Paraguay
Nicaragua Solidarity Greater New York, Weekly News Update on the Americas, 14 December 1997. When he gave himself up, General Oviedo was accompanied by about 500 sympathizers of his political group, the National Union of Ethical Colorados (UNACE), an internal division of the ruling Colorado Party.
New Gov't to Inherit Economy in Ruin
By Cristhian Torres, IPS, 5 May 1998. The political instability shaking Paraguay is devastating the economy, and the new government to emerge from next Sunday's elections will find a country in virtual ruin.
Imminent Split in Ruling Party
By Carlos Montero, IPS, 12 May 1998. The internal situation in Paraguay's Colorado Party, which added a new five-year term to its half century in power in Sunday's elections. Former army chief Lino Oviedo will be released from prison, and his exclusive hegemony over the Colorado Party, ensured by the victory of his crony Raul Cubas, means an imminent rupture in the party.
President Comes Under Attack by Church and Congress
By Carlos Montero, IPS, 8 December 1998. Bishop Claudio Gimenez warned a crowd of more than 100,000, including President Cubas, that authoritarianism wants to take possession of Paraguay once again.
Haunted by authoritarian past
By Robert Plummer, BBC News, Friday 26 March 1999. It has been 10 years since military rule ended in Paraguay with the ousting of General Alfredo Stroessner, but the country is still struggling to escape its infamous authoritarian past.