The working-class history of the Republic of Paraguay

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3,000 Workers Hold Two-Day General Strike
By Megan Arney, 26 May 1996. General strike, which began to win some peasant support, was in response to privatization.
3,000 Workers Hold Two-Day General Strike In Paraguay
By Megan Arney, The Militant, 3 June 1996. Workers demanded a wage increase and condemned the Wasmosy administration's policy of privatizing public companies and ending government social security guarantees. Organizers say 95 percent of the workforce joined the stoppage; the government claims only 30 percent participated.
Unions Oppose Privatisations, State Reforms
By Carlos Montero, 4 August 1999. A government plan aimed at reactivating the economy and curbing unemployment in Paraguay by slashing public expenditure and launching a broad privatisation programme has drawn fire from the unions.