The retrospective history of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

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Timeline: Uruguay
BBC News, Wednesday 2 March 2005. A simple political chronology that begins the history of the region with European penetration in 1516.
Civilian Court Ends Silence on ‘Disappearances’
By Raul Ronzoni, IPS, 19 November 1998. A civilian court in Uruguay put an end to the official silence on people forcibly disappeared during the 1973-85 de facto military regime, with a recent ruling that ordered the state to indemnify a woman whose father disappeared.
Continuing Mystery of Disappeared Uruguayans
Radio Havana Cuba, 15 October 2004. The Uruguayans who disappeared during the 1973-1985 military dictatorship is once again re-emerging in the national political panorama, a few days before the October 31 general elections.