The working-class history of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

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General strike fights wage cuts, privatizations
Workers World, 21 December 1995. Brief news item on the general strike called by the PIT-CNT trade union federation to protest privatization.
Anti-Discrimination Law ‘Un-Shelved’ after 8 Years
By Raul Ronzoni, InterPress Service. 21 February 1997. Law against gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workforce.
Uruguay's unions undergoing lean times
IPS, 17 December 1998. The country's sole labor federation, the PIT-CNT, has lost nearly 80 percent of its members in the last three years, and its power to negotiate and exert pressure has fallen drastically. Unions affiliated to it have suffered in much the same way. With the fall of communism in 1989, the PIT-CNT started to decline in addition to suffering from a lack of coherent direction.
David y Goliat: La lucha del Sindico del Gas de Uruguay contra la propotencia colonialista de Gaz de France
From the Sindico del Gas de Uruguay, Montevideo, 5 de Agosto de 1999. El sindicato de los trabajadores del gas solicitan una accion solidaria a sus hermanos de todo el mundo en defensa del derecho democratico de los trabajadores a organizarse y ser escuchados. La Privatización.