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Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 15:10:49 +0000
Sender: Forum on Labor in the Global Economy <LABOR-L@YORKU.CA>
From: Jordi Martorell <socappeal@EASYNET.CO.UK>
Subject: Steel workers leader on trial in Argentina

Steel workers leader on trial in Argentina

From Jordi Martorell <socappeal@EASYNET.CO.UK>.
2 September, 1997

Dear comrades:

This is a solidarity appeal we have received from Taller de Estudios Laborales (Labour Studies Workshop-TEL)) in Argentina. A full report of the situation of the trial and background to this situation can be found at Labournet's web site ( or obtained from TEL (

In solidarity,

La Red Obrera/Labournet

Dear Friends:

We ask you to join and support the campaign for the acquittal of Oscar Martinez and dozens of working class leaders who are persecuted in Argentina.

The trial of Oscar Martinez in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, is scheduled to begin September 8. Martinez is the organization secretary of the Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego steelworkers union and one of the most respected workers leaders in the province. That is why he is being persecuted by the government and its servile justice system.

Martinez has been accused "aiding and abetting criminal acts" because he participated in an April 12, 1995 march against the brutal repression of workers who were occupying the Continental Fueguina plant. Police attacked the marchers, killing Victor Choque and injuring dozens of workers.

We call on political parties, human rights advocacy groups, trade unions, student unions and all advocates of democratic liberties throughout the world to help get out the truth about Martinez and join the campaign for his acquittal. As part of the campaign, we propose to gather signatures for the following text to be sent to the court and the governor of Tierra del Fuego:

Governor of Tierra del Fuego,
Jose Estabillo
Members of the Tierra del Fuego Criminal Court,
Judges Novarino,
Pagano and Zabalia Ramos

We the undersigned demand the immediate acquittal of Oscar Martinez, organization secretary of the Rio Grande Steelworkers Union, on trial for the April 12, 1995 events outside the Tierra del Fuego government building and the police headquarters, where brutal police repression caused the death of Victor Choque. We hold that by trying Martinez, Luis Bazan of Cordoba or the pickets of Cutral-Co in Neuquen province the government seeks to smother workers struggles against economic plans that cause hunger and unemployment.

Meanwhile, crimes committed by "trigger-happy" cops, such as the deaths of Victor Choque, Teresa Rodriguez and Jose Luis Cabezas go unpunished. We demand that those responsible for the violent repression that injured dozens of workers be tried and punished.

Please send messages of support to Calle Chile 1362 -
(1098) Buenos Aires -
Phone/Fax + (541) 381-2976.

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