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From LABOR-L@YorkU.CA Sat Feb 5 11:23:45 2000
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 01:31:48 -0800
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From: Kim Scipes <sscipe1@ICARUS.CC.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Fwd: Preventing the pending release of Augusto Pinochet

Preventing the pending release of Augusto Pinochet

From Kim Scipes
2 February 2000


With the risk that I might offend some--the "warning" included below should be noted--I am passing the following on widely which was sent to me. I apologize in advance for any cross-postings. Please pass on widely--the least we can do is to try to keep this monster tied up in legal processes, if not actually prison, for the rest of his miserable life.


For evil to triumph it is only necessary that good people do nothing

WARNING: Parts of this e-mail contain strong language and details of brutal torture - this might cause distress to some.

"Never a leaf moves in Chile without my knowing of it"
- General Pinochet 1975

A woman has electrodes inserted in her vagina, is gagged and told to raise her finger when she is ready to speak.

A father is forced to bugger his son.

A woman is raped by a dog.

And the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, says he is "minded" to release General Pinochet - the man responsible for these crimes!

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

They stretched the women out on tables and dripped candle wax on their stomachs. There were rapes, either in groups or individually. 'Move, you Marxist whore,' they would tell the victims. 'If you don't respond you're going to have to suck cock, even for General Pinochet, you shitty whore. '" "Some officers started by sticking their fingers in my vagina. hoping to excite me..."

And the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, says he is "minded to release General Pinochet - the man responsible for these crimes!

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

The military torture teams, graduates of the Americas School in the Canal Zone, have revealed a degree of human bestiality with Chilean women that puts them way ahead of their American trainers.

A woman professor at the East Santiago campus of the University of Chile, married, with two children, was detained for forty days in the National Stadium. She wrote this about the "female prisoners of war":

They were obliged to remain all day long face down with their hands on their necks and their legs spread. . . . There were lines of them kneeling or standing against the walls, and at the slightest movement they were struck or kicked - and, in several cases I saw, shot. In rooms fifteen by eighteen feet there were a hundred women. Food came only once a day, at 4 or 5 P.M. There were mainly two groups of women: workers and university professors. Girls and women were harassed, obliged to disrobe, manhandled, and insulted as a preamble to the interrogations. The academics among us had been taken out of our classrooms at gunpoint. One group of schoolteachers had a typically sad experience: at the investigatory commission one of them had her hair cropped off. Then at Los Cerros de Chena, the eyes were always blindfolded. To go to the bathroom, they had to be accompanied by guards who took the opportunity to manhandle and beat them. They were interrogated naked. Electric current was applied to the mouth, hands, nipples, and vagina. Water was poured over their bodies to intensify the pain. The language used with them was completely degenerate:

they were forced to repeat, over and over: "I am a cunt, I am a cunt. A hospital technician was taken to the Quinta Normal naval enclosure. She was kept there for three days without sleep, and subjected to electric tortures every few hours. She also had electricity applied to her vagina. Afterward they brought her to the National Stadium. She was taken for interrogation there too, blindfolded as others were. This time she apparently was taken to the cycle track, where by then the torture chamber had been installed. Besides electric shocks, this time she was forced to take something in her hand. They had given her an injection, which she guessed was Sodium Pentothal, and it had made her dizzy but she was still conscious. At once she realized the object was a penis, which on contact with her hand became erect. They thrust it into her mouth where it ejaculated.

And the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, says he is "minded" to release General Pinochet - the man responsible for these crimes!

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

I was interrogated the second day for more than three hours. They undressed me and beat me, using their fists and boots all over my body. There seemed to be a lot of them. Then they applied electricity to my testicles. When they turned off the current, they began to hit me again with their hands and feet. They concentrated on my stomach. This was because when the torture began I felt a karate chop and instinctively hardened my muscles. The torturer shouted at me: "So you're trained, eh? Now you're going to get it". During the entire interrogation they kept me blindfolded and my wrists handcuffed. The muscular contractions caused by the electricity made the handcuffs tighter each time, and the flesh of my wrists was cut down to the bone. By that point I didn't feel pain anymore.

I only realized that I was being burned by the electricity. After the interrogation, in which they hoped to find whether there were weapons in the university, they led me to another room where they took off the blindfold so I could walk, but I kept falling down. They made me crawl to another room where there were tortured people lying on the floor. I knew one of them a university professor, by sight; one whole side of his body was black with 'bruises; they had punctured his eardrum, which made him howl with pain. The rest of them were all as badly beaten up as I was, or worse. Many had broken ribs and couldn't even breathe. None could walk; their legs were fractured both from the blows and from the muscular contractions produced by the electricity. There were a lot of women as badly beaten up as the men were. They bad also been brutally raped; they had internal ruptures and were bleeding profusely. One kept moaning. The torturers had inserted a sharp object in her vagina, and it had cut through the peritoneum. Some of the people there said they had recognized the interrogators: they were Navy infantrymen trained at the American bases in Panama.

And the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, says he is minded to release General Pinochet - the man responsible for these crimes!

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

If you think that is wrong then write to these people and demand Pinochet's extradition it is not too late to act.

A) BRITISH AUTHORITIES / Autoridades británicas:

Secretary of State for Home Affairs The Rt Hon Jack Straw, MP

Home Office 50, Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AT

Fax: +44 171 273 3965

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk


B) SPANISH AUTHORITIES / Autoridades espanholas:

- Presidencia del Gobierno. José María Aznar (Presidence of Government)

Fax: +34.91.549.2739

- Ministra de Justicia. Dña. Margarita Mariscal de Gante y Mirón.

(Ministry of Justice)

Fax: +34.91.390.2268

You can write to Pinochet at this address pinochet@congreso.cl

If you want to know more about the crimes of Pinochet click here http://www.trentu.ca/~mneumann/pinochet.html

You can read about the British victims that were killed, "disappeared" and tortured by clicking here http://www.lakota.clara.net/brits.html

Here you can read about Amnesty International's case against Jack Straws decision http://www.amnesty.org/news/2000/125jan00.htm

the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality - Dante (1265- 1321)

e-mail Jack Straw at the home office gen.ho@gtnet.gov.uk

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