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 History of South America

Economy and environment

Urgent Action: Maxus to resign deal threatening Huaorani (Ecuador)
From a report written by Accion Ecologica y Amazonas. 27 September, 1996. Aim is to discourage the Ecuadorian government from renewing its contract with the US Maxus oil company because of its devastation of the environment and harm to the indigenous Huarorani.
More than Meets the Media Eyes
By Michael Pearlman, NY Transfer News Collective, 18 February, 1997. Re general strike of 5 February in response to government measures, including neoliberalism.
Communities occupy Bishimetals mining installations - demand an end to mining project
By Ivonne Ramos, Presidenta, Accion Ecologica. 16 May, 1997. Accusation the mining failed to consult with local communities on environmental impact as required by law. Also background into by South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC).


  Documents for Native Americans of Ecuador


Ecuadorean strike enters second day, protest to continue
ICFTU OnLine. 6 February, 1997. Second day of general strike against President Bucaram's structural adjustment policies.
Protests force ouster of president in Ecuador
By Hilda Cuzco, in the Militant, 24 February, 1997. Nationwide general strike over structural adjustment brings down President Abdala Bucaram.

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