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The economic history of Chile

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   The history of Chile in general

Economic policy

Some Say Pinochet Wasn't Good for Economy
By Katherine Ellison, The Miami Herald, 18 March 1998. Following the model of his U.S. patron, Pinochet experienced the same U.S. economic pattern: textbook economic growth at great social cost and at expense of long-term economic health.

Finance capital

World Bank inspection panel denies jurisdiction over IFC in Chilean Bio Bio River claim
Bank president promises internal investigation, 19 December 1995. Privatization of finance blocks public participation in projects affecting public interest.
Crisis Measures Expected to Cost Jobs
By Gustavo Gonzalez, IPS, 26 September 1998. Belt tightening due to capitalist world financial crisis is borne by working class.

Mercusur and trade

Mercosur, Chile, EU Agreements Nearer
From NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 31 May 1996.
Former envoy urges Chile to reconsider Nafta Pact should be accepted on its terms: McLarty
Kevin G. Hall, Journal of Commerce 16 May 1999. Chile between U.S. overtures re. NAFTA (with Fasttrack blocks to social protections) and Mercusor (without its tarif requirements).

Struggle over the environment

Chile, forests, investment and NAFTA
Jim Jontz, WAFC Report From Washington, 7 April 1997. Development of a popular environmental movement in opposition to transnational logging.
Indians, Environmentalists Vow Rough Water for Chile Dam
By Howard LaFranchi, Christian Science Monitor, 21 May 1998. Hydroelectric dam on BioBio River will flood land of Pehuenche Indians, but decision engages a broad array of other issues as well.
Under Chile's Volcanoes, a Blurring of Boundaries
By Clifford Krauss, New York Times, 16 May 1999. The contradiction between economic development and social wellbeing, due to capitalist globalization, causes shifts in political alliances.

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