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The culture history of Chile

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   The history of Chile in general

General culture history of Chile

National library faces bleak future: British consultant deplores state of neglect, urges changes
ChilNet extract from El Mercurio, 11 June 1997. "In this world dominated by the market economy where everything has a price, national libraries are in crisis or else they have already died."
Remembering Victor Jara
By Gustavo Gonzalez, IPS, 29 September 1998. The popular singer, Victor Jara, was shot by the Pinochet regime, in 1973. Official resistence to memorializing him today.
Homage to Chilean Singer, Victor Jara
From Larry Sheehy, 30 October 1998. Reflects upon an article in Catholic Worker on Victor Jara, and includes two excerpts from his writings.

Education and students

Affection and Sexuality (JOCAS) sexual education program
ChilNet press extracts, September 1996. Bishop of Talca supports sex ed program, but criticism on the right continues; Frei supports JOCAS sex-ed program and calls policy of avoidance "Immoral."
Communists Win University Vote
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 27 October 1996. Communist leadership of the Chile Student Federation (FECh) is reelected.
Tension marks University of Chile anniversary: Students Protest 1997 budget cuts
ChilNet extract from El Mercurio, La Epoca, 21 November 1996. Imminent budget cuts and student protests created a climate of tension at University of Chile celebrations of the 154th anniversary of its founding.
The education reform bill
ChilNet extracts from the press, January 1997. Law may leave students without schools says FIDE Director of Education Bill; No student will be left out of school: Government response to criticism of education reform; Educational reform suffers setback: Senate rejects key measures of bill.
Students prefer traditional universities: Poll indicates string preference for U Chile and La Catolica
ChilNet extracts from El Mercurio, La Epoca, 17 January 1997. University of Chile and Catholic University continue to lead the list of preferences for college-bound students.
Minister questions quality of education: Explains results of Aptitude test and argues the need for reform
ChilNet extract from La Epoca, 20 January 1997. Interview with Education Minister Juan Pablo Arellano on, i.a., the results of the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA), the national exam all students must take in order to attend college.
Educational reform lacks financing
ChilNet extract from El Mercurio, La Epoca, 15 May 1997. The administration's education reform package remains in limbo. The Senate Education Committee dispatched the bill without approving financing due to rightist opposition to maintaining the national value-added tax (IVA) at 18 percent.
Children evaluate their schooling
ChilNet extract from La Epoca, 6 November 1997. UNICEF survey re the extension of school timetables in the educational reform package announced last May by President Eduardo Frei.

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