The contemporary political history
of the Argentine Republic

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IMF Plan Sparks General Strike Call
From Workers World, 1 August 1996.
Economic Model Seems Fine to Parties, Not to People
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, 10 August 1997. Alliance of main opposition parties refuses to challenge neoliberalism despite popular protests.
Social Rebellion Erupts In Argentina
By Hilda Cuzco, in the Militant, 9 June 1997. IMF austerity measures spark wave of protests and strikes.
General Strike Slows Much of Argentina
By Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, 15 August 1997. General strike reflects united political opposition to Menem's Peronist government, especially in the provinces, where Menem's structural adjustments of 1991 were painful.
U.S. yields to Brits on Argentina
By Sid Balman, Jr., UPI, 15 August 1997. US will admit Argentina as a major non-NATO ally, but UK insists that US arms sales to Argentina be limited lest Argentina recover Faulklands.