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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 18:46:52 CST
Sender: Activists Mailing List <ACTIV-L@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU>
Organization: The New Domain BBS Moorestown, NJ (609)235-4568

University of Puerto Rico shuts down mailing list

From Tony Santana, New Domain BBS, 29 March 1996

On April First, The University Of Puerto Rico will be shuting down the only virtual contact, with Puerto Ricans around the world. As of April 1, their Mailing List Boriken@enlace.bitnet wil be no more.

In the Last four years this list has keep information flowing from Puerto Rico to puerto ricans. There are many reasons for this shutdown. But the main culprit of this Shutdown, is cause by the elitist group of profesional dissidents, who started their own mailing List called Coqui. These Dissidents, were upset at the Administration of the UPR, simply because the UPR did not believe in opressing First amemdments rights. Any post which was of controversial in nature was shun by these dissidents. Many times they would e-mail bomb service providers in an effort to remove the controversial indivuals. I myself was diconnected from 2 service providers, because the UPR did not remove me. So in an attempt to quiet my views they molested Delphi, and then until I was removed. But then I just got another service and hook right back to the UPR.

These dissidents were not happy with creating their own list. Many of their members remain on Boriken, to invite new users to leave Boriken while insulting the administration of the UPR. which came to a climax last week.

In any case we urge all those who believe in freedom of speech, to write directly to the administration of the university of Puerto Rico to keep their Mailing list running. And not to subcomb to pressure from these dissidents.

you may write dirrectly to or simply Boriken@enlace.bitnet, depending on your mail system.

Remember if these people get away with forcing the university mailing list down, then it will be possible for any extreme group to do the same.

Can you imagine if white-supremist groups, start harrasing other groups, and the universities start shuting down thier sites, to avoid them, hence seperating really interested parties, to these very informative mailing List?

think about it.

Write to: and tell them how you feel about free speech.

write to and tell them how you dislike their methods of interfering with the right of others, any place on the net. better yet write to their postmaster,, and have these latin supremicists stoped.

Let kill cyber-prejudice NOW!!!!!!

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