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Date: Sun, 08 Oct 95 18:08:59 0400
From: "Keith A. Hart" <>
Subject: Discovery of Bermuda

Bermuda's name

By Keith Hart, 8 October 1995

I am a history teacher at Warwick Academy in Bermuda. We are presently studying the Early European Explorers in connection to the discovery of Bermuda.

I have found information (scant) that leads me to believe that Bermuda may have been named for one of the three kings of the Galicia and Leon regions of Northern Iberia. The BERMUDOs reign was from 760 to 1034 the last BERMUDO III dying in the Battle of Tamara in 1034.

Presently, Bermudians are content with the Juan de Bermudez (1503) naming the islands after HIMSELF. However, from some of the information I have received, I am inclined to think that Juan had named the island in honor of one of these kings. As Virgina (the virgin Queen Elizabeth and Maryland Queen Mary)

If you could throw some light on this matter, my class is presently divided; some believeing one side and others with me. Thank You



Keith Hart
teacher of History
Warwick Academy