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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 17:45:31 GMT
Sender: Activists Mailing List <>
From: Jim Cook <>

FEMA police invade Virgin Islands

From Jim Cook, 13 December 1995

[Publisher's note: The accuracy of this document is contested.]

U.S. Virgin Islands--In the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, myriads of government agencies descended on the tiny islands to "reconstruct" and "help." Among these are literally hundreds of "FEMA POLICE."

The FEMA police, are all dressed in black combat fatigues, wear black body armor at all times, and carry .40 caliber semi-automatic pistols. They have badges and arm patches identifying them as "FEMA POLICE", an organization that only six months ago was denied to exist by James Lee Witt, head of FEMA.

Many newsletters displayed a "leaked" FEMA POLICE arm patch, which raised very serious questions from the American populace. But when confronted by members of the media, Witt and other FEMA management personnel denied such an organization existed. Now it appears that they not only existed, but were trained and equipped in large numbers.

Some of the FEMA police personnel were seen on operations as early as the Los Angeles earthquake of 1994, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

The quetions that arrise are: What is their job function? Why are they armed? Why do they [. . .] body armor? Why do they wear BLACK uniforms? Who funds them? Where are they recruited? Where are they trained? What are ALL their missions? And most importantly, where to they get the authority to be law enforcement agents of the federal government? Since they do not work for the Department of Justice, and they are not FBI, Secret Service, or DEA, who exactly gave them authority to bear arms in a law enforcement mode among American citizens?

Who are the masked men?

Maybe our legislators should tell us.

An objection to the above statement.

What a bunch of sorry crap!!

You might not be aware, J.Cook, that even here in the Virgin Islands that we have access to the kind of garbage you put on the net.

I have lived in the Virgin Islands my entire life, was seriously affected by both hurricane Hugo and Marilyn, and NOT ONCE has any of the LIES that you have printed are true.

Put up or shut up.

Prove to the other 100,000 people that live in the Virgin Islands that you alone saw what NONE of us did.

And since I KNOW that you cannot, how about an apology to the people whose lives have been turned inside out by tragedy for having to be further insulted by this crap.

Edward O. Adams, Jr.