Date: Mon, 26 May 97 16:01:25 CDT
From: David Silver <>
Subject: Grenada: Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor

By David Silver <>, 26 May 1997

David Silver

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May 25, 1997 Editor, the New York Times
229 West 43rd Street
New York 10036

Dear Editor,

Larry Rohter's assertion that former associates of Mr. Bishop "who was deposed and then killed by a faction within the New Jewel Movement..."merits closer scrutiny.(13 Years After Invasion, Grenada Agonizes Anew 5/21)

There was absolutely no evidence presented at the so called trial and conviction of Bernard Coard and other members of the Central Committee. Witnesses for the defense were prevented from testifying, cross examination was restricted according to U.S. and Jamaican attorneys who went to observe and consult with the defendants. The presiding justice admitted that the normal procedure with appeals to the Eastern Caribbean Judicial bench and thus a higher appeal to the Privy Council in London would be denied.

In a booklet brought back by attorneys entitled The Side You Haven't Heard; Bernard Coard Speaks to the Court in Grenada (August 1986) Coard presents documentation of the close comradely relations between Bishop and himself to the very end. Decisions of the Central Committee provided for separate responsibilities of the two leaders. At a Central Committee meeting just prior to the invasion and Bishop's house arrest, Bishop conceded that he had failed to implement the resolutions that were then adopted by the full Committee.

Given the history of infiltration, destabilisation, military force and cooptation, by the U.S. in the region and the stated policy of preventing "another Cuban model", a scenario of assasination by other members of the New Jewel Movement's leadership should be reexamined.


David Silver