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Date: Sat, 20 Sep 97 23:48:21 CDT
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Subject: Workers Around the World: 9/25/97
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Workers Around the World: Dominican Republic
Protests Hit Economic 'Adjustment'

From Workers World,
25 September 1997

In the most recent wave of protests against Dominican President Leonel Fernandez's economic austerity program, hundreds of demonstrators clashed with the police on Sept. 9 in the Herrera neighborhood on the west side of Santo Domingo. A 21-year-old was killed as cops opened fire on the crowds with pistols, rifles and tear gas.

The demonstrations were sparked by government-imposed blackouts--sometimes lasting more than 10 hours per day--and skyrocketing prices of basic goods. Barricades went up in Herrera as demonstrators fought back against the cops with stones.

Protests against Fernandez's economic plan have been mounting all year. In July the country's four biggest unions waged a 24-hour strike against rising prices.

In response to the protests, on Sept. 12 Fernandez announced an "emergency plan" to lower prices. But organizers pledge to step up activities in the capital if their demands are ignored.

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