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Unity call from NATUC General Secretary

NATUC press release, 14 September 2000

The National Trade Union Centre is confirming its plans to re-convene its disrupted Biennial Convention despite an apparent attempt by two unions to block the move.

The NATUC Convention originally took place on 1st July but was not able to complete the election of officers before the meeting broke up over disagreements that arose during the elections. Only the position of President was completed with Robert Giuseppi of the NUGFW being elected.

NATUC now has legal advice that it can continue with the Convention and this has been scheduled for Saturday 23rd September at the Spektacular Forum, Henry Street, Port of Spain.

However, the General Sectary of NATUC, Selwyn John, now has information that at least two unions may be attempting to block the new elections. Speaking from the NUGFW Head Office today, Selwyn John said:

From information I am getting it would seem that at least two unions, notably the Communication Workers and the OWTU, met on Monday of this week to work out how to stop NATUC getting back on its feet. I am hoping that representatives of these two unions would confirm that they are not trying to block the Convention from completing the elections or that they are planning to try and split NATUC.

The General Secretary has called a meeting of all NATUC affiliates for Monday 18th September to discuss the latest situation and, in an appeal to all unions, said:

I am seriously concerned about these reports and would appeal for unity in the movement. Whenever unions have met to try and resolve the current situation everyone has pledged themselves to unity. But, if our reports are true, then it would seem that some people are saying one thing and at the same time conspiring to stop NATUC functioning properly. Only the employers can benefit from the actions of these disruptive elements and I want to see NATUC getting on with its job of representing the interests of working people.