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Re-convened convention all set to go

NATUC press release, 22 September 2000

The second half of the NATUC Convention looks all set to go for tomorrow (Saturday 23rd September).

The original Convention of the National Trade Union Centre was held on 1st July but was not able to complete the elections of its Central Executive Committee. Only Robert Giuseppi of the NUGFW was elected as the new President of the trade union centre.

After extensive efforts to get common ground amongst the NATUC affiliates the re-convened Convention is now scheduled to take place at the Spektacular Forum on Saturday 23rd September.

The outgoing General Secretary, Selwyn John, said:

I am confident that we will be able to complete the task of electing the rest of our officers and our Central Executive Committee. Once that is done we shall be able to get on with the business of speaking on behalf of labour. I am happy for the press to be present during the elections and I feel sure that the Convention will agree to this.

Mr. John also commented on a report in the Express newspaper (19th September 2000) that Senior Counsel Allan Alexander had advised the trade union centre. He added:

Mr. Alexander played an important role in trying to mediate in the period immediately after the last Convention. I wish to make it clear, however, that although we have received legal advice it has not come from him.