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Subject: [NYTr] Cubans Help Restore Grenada's Electric System
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Cubans Help Restore Grenada's Electric System

Agencia Cubana de Noticias (AIN), 21 October 2004

Havana, October 21 (AIN)—The Cuban working contingent that traveled to Grenada to help in the restoration of its electric system, which was damaged by Hurricane Ivan, were presented the flag in a ceremony on Wednesday in St. George.

Cuba's ambassador to Grenada, Humberto Rivero said that receiving the flag is an expression of the spirit of combat that has always characterized the Cuban people in the difficult battles.

Rivero said the Cuban contingent in Grenada will honor the prestige of electrical workers on the island as well a the international prestiged of the Cuban people, the Cuban Communist Party and President Fidel Castro.

Although the electrical workers were initially to remain in Grenada for a period of 60 days, they are working hard to electrify the majority of the afected homes in a short period of time.

The Grenadian population was waiting anxiously for the Cuban contingent due to the prestige gained by the Cuban collaborators in that Caribbean nation and in particular the Cuban workers during the construction of the Point Salines Airport.