The retrospective history of the Caribbean as a whole

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The Tale of Bartolome de las Casas
By Bob Corbett, 19 June 1995. Bartolome de las Casas was a great humanitarian, yet, this tragic man was importantly instrumental in one of the greatest evils of human history.
Pirates and the founding of San Domingue
A dialog from Bob Corbet's Haiti list, January 1995.
A Wreck That Led to Liberty
By Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, 30 September 2004. A sunken ship in the Caribbean may hold clues to a lucky break for a group of Africans headed for slavery—and stoke local pride.
Cheddi Jagan, Michael Manley and the history of U.S. Intervention in the Caribbean
By Pat Chin, in Workers World, 3 April 1997. Obituaries and comparison of these two leaders who both died on March 6, 1997.