The relationship of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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Fernandez visit: Haitian masses not impressed
This Week in Haiti, Vol.16 no.14, 24-30 June 1998. The visit of Dominican President Leonel Fernandez to Port-au-Prince from June 18–20 offered little beyond fanfare and posturing to improve long-standing tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
A Dominican invasion of Haiti?
This Week in Haiti, 10–16 November 1999. Washington is goading the Dominican Republic to militarily invade Haiti in order to provide the pretext for a new full-scale US/UN occupation of Haiti and to derail the likely re-election of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in November 2000.
Dominican government intensifies crackdown on Haitians
This Week in Haiti, 17–23 November 1999. The campaign of the partisans of former right-wing Dominican president Joaquin Balaguer to round-up and deport thousands of Haitians from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. A coalition of progressive Haitian and Dominican organizations is planning a massive counter-demonstration New York City to denounce the racist anti-Haitian campaign.