The social history of the Caribbean as a whole

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Treasuring the Region's Elderly
By Wesley Gibbings, IPS, 7 April 1999. Caribbean leaders are being urged to shun the temptation to view the region's aged as a bothersome burden on society and instead to consider their likely contribution to the cause of nation-building.
Little to Show After Years of Talk
By Wesley Gibbings, IPS, 10 September 1999. Successive studies have shown that factors including low economic growth, macroeconomic instability, deficiencies in the labour market resulting in limited job growth, low productivity and low wages in the informal sector, and a decline in the quality of social services are major contributors to growing poverty in the region.
Carribean fails at tackling poverty
By Wesley Gibbings, IPS, 22 June 2000. Three years into the first International Decade for the Eradication of Poverty, countries of the Commonwealth Caribbean are reporting mixed results while all are experiencing problems reaching social policy targets.
A Deadly Stigma in Caribbean
By Karen DeYoung, Washington Post, Tuesday 19 June 2001. Two-thirds of all those diagnosed with the AIDS virus in the Caribbean are dead within two years. According to official figures, at least one in every 50 people in the Caribbean, or 2 percent of the population, has AIDS or is infected with HIV. The Caribbean epidemic has remained shrouded in denial at home and largely ignored by much of the rest of the world.