The culture history of the Caribbean as a whole

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Origins of Carnival
A dialog on the origins of Carnival, January 1992. In the Catholic countries it evolved from pre-lenten European festivals, combined with African musical traditions.
From Nicki Hitchcott, 24 April, 1995. A brief notice concerning ASCALF which is an organization based in the UK consecrated to the study of the literature and cultures of the Caribbean and Francophone Africa (in French).
Experts examine global impact of Caribbean culture
By Joy Elliott, Reuters, 8 August 1996. The small nations of the Caribbean, which once had a disproportionate impact on the world's economy, now wield a cultural influence that has spread to remote corners of the world.
Review of Walter Rodney's Intellectual and Political Thought by Professor Rupert Lewis
Reviewed by David Hinds, on the BRC-news list, 25 March 2000. This most recent book on Walter Rodney is a critical addition to our understanding of his importance not only to Guyana and the Caribbean, but to the world at large.