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History of the teachers in the Virgin Islands

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   Working-class history in general in the Virgin Islands

Teachers rally on 4th day of strike
By Molly Morris, St. Thomas Source, 17 October 2000. St. Thomas teachers were still going strong as they rallied at Emancipation Garden Monday morning, the fourth day of the teacher's strike. They need to secure the $11 million the Legislature proposed in Friday's session.
AFT rejects new pact; Strike resumes Monday
By Jean P. Greaux Jr., St. Thomas Source, 24 October 2000. Public school teachers reject the latest offer by the Virgin Islands government. The teachers, para-professionals and support staff members of the American Federation of Teachers Locals 1825 and 1826 voted against the agreement during simultaneous meetings on St. Thomas and St. Croix.
2,000 strike backers march on Government House
By Jean P. Greaux Jr., St. Thomas Source, 24 October 2000. Nearly 2,000 people turned out on St. Thomas to rally, march and protest Friday in support of American Federation of Teachers members whose eight-day strike has crippled the territory's public education system.
Strike continues as St. Croix swings outcome
By Jamie Bate, St. Thomas Source, 2 November 2000. On St. Croix, the final tally was 505 against the latest offer and 94 in favor. On St. Thomas, 412 wanted to ratify the agreement while 177 voted no. Vernelle de Lagarde, interim president of the St. Thomas chapter of the AFT: "We're still on strike."
Strike may be over, but not teachers' ire
By Molly Morris, St. Thomas Source, 6 November 2000. Territorial Court Judge Brenda Hollar ended the AFT three-week-old strike, but teachers still discussing strategy, still unhappy and defiant.